Jason Kahn and Christian Wolfarth: 'An instrument isn’t really that important for the music'

A snare, two cymbals and a voice is all percussionist Christian Wolfarth and all-round instrumentalist Jason Kahn need to create a tense minimalist/maximalist sound world. It’s minimalist in its means, it’s maximalist in its output, engaging the listener into a raw, direct and immersive experience that doesn’t lean on volume or power, but on small yet distinctive gestures in the more subtle realms of sound.
10 October 2019 | AG 14
Niels Latomme

Once I interviewed the saxophone player Johns Lunds, and he told me his approach to collaboration is actually about confrontation, not about finding each other in playing. Does this count for your approach when you work together


In the reviews and the texts about your collaborative record this description strikes me: 'Though both musicians use acoustic sound sources, together their music might seem electronic.' Are you interested in the disconnection betw


I always like to listen to non-musical sounds, and take a position as listener — i.e. accepting non-musical sounds that accidently happen as music. For instance, I live in an apartment with a courtyard, and I like to sit down and lis