is born in the bedlam of the highly dynamic underground of Brussel. A (so-called) crap wave explosion that impersonates the best of no wave and dada performance — although they are too unique to reduce them to one or two art movements. Lemones practice the absurd as a highly form of art, rock ’n’ roll becomes a readymade in which self build instruments, chaotic songs and brutal energy are channeled towards a next level; be not mistaken, there is serious poetry in play!
20 February 2018 | AG 11

1 – The Introduction

Rock music comes in different forms and outfits. Since its existence in the late 50s, rock wanders along a fragmented and bumpy path of movements and counter-movements. It follows parallel roads, exploring new terrains or chasing its own tail. Each evo

2 – The Presentation

Lemones are Maarten Raskin, Steven Bertels and Paul Boudeau. The band sounds unpolished, brutal and trashy. To this end they developed self-built, lemon-shaped instruments. In 2016 they debuted with 'Parasites by the thrashboard side'- a 7” si

3 – The Name

A crucial part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll ritual is choosing a name. For Lemones the name could be seen as a warped take on the great rock tradition of ‘the-bands’. In the past we had ‘The Rolling Stones’, ‘The Wipers’ or ‘The The’. In 80s underground music

4 — The Framing

It’s tempting to reduce rock ‘n’ roll and Lemones to a couple of taglines; or relate them to historical movements (if you like to read about music and art history). Or you can apply descriptive strategies to give rock ‘n’ roll a righteous place in the

5 — The Problems of Interpretation

In this part I’d like to refer to Susan Sontag. She fulminated against ‘interpretation’. She was strongly averse to what she considers to be contemporary interpretation, that is, an overabundance of importance placed upon the content or meaning of an a

6 — The Core

Writing about Lemones is highly complex, I tried to describe their work by setting out a complex of thoughts (or interpretations) in which the sensuous, the art historical and the contextualized approach flirt with each other. But in the end I’m left w

7 — The Conclusion

Lemones are the manifestation of the current shape of rock ‘n’ roll, not unlike bands as Sweat Tongue, Guttersnipe, 75 Dollar Bill or Zad Kokar. They share a similar approach (not so much a similar sound), which is defined by a confusing, multi-layered

Gutter Party

I also don’t remember

how I became a member
of the gutter party

When words rot and nothing matters
and parasites leading towards the trash-board side