It’s about time you get to meet Lewsberg, a Rotterdam band named after a Rotterdam writer and singing with a Rotterdam accent. Their record ‘Lewsberg’ was one of last year’s stand-outs in art/indie rock: hypnotic, rattling guitar riffs, intriguing lyrics sung in proper parlando style, sometimes combined with rad sound experiments. We reached out to Michiel Klein and Arie Van Vliet for an old school e-mail interview.
27 February 2019 | AG 14
Joeri Bruyninckx & Dries Robbe

How did Lewsberg get together as a band?

Michiel Klein 

Arie and I started the band in early 2017. My focus lays on the musical part, while Arie focuses on the lyrical part. Our idea was t

JB & DR 

What about the album?


We started constructing the album after the recordings, when we were thinking about the order of the songs. The musical pre-and post-phases came as evidence:


Arie, this parlando tone makes your lyrics very understandable and important. What are you singing about? The lyrics seem focalized by an observer, more than by a ‘participator’, or someone who’s talking about himself? Would


What is your relation to the Rotterdam writers – because of the band’s name and dialogues between Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager and Frans Vogel on the album? And to literature in general?