Liz Durette

The 2018 edition of the KRAAK Festival reconnects with the vibrant and inspiring Baltimore music scene by inviting Liz Durette, whose improvisations on the Fender Rhodes have rocked their office — and surely plenty of other environments — over the past year.
20 February 2018 | AG 11

On the Ehse Records-released Four Improvisations, Liz Durette works a conjuror's spell on the electric piano: her pieces not only demonstrate wild improvising abilities, the sensitivity and joy at the core of her playing give the impression

Brecht Ameel

So Liz – why the Fender Rhodes?

Liz Durette    

It’s a flexible and versatile keyboard, you can get a lot of different qualities of expression  out of it. It’s very touch-responsive, which sui


Do you have some basic compositions/clusters/rough ideas in mind before you record, or are your pieces purely improvised start to finish?


It depends, but generally everything is completely improvised, especially wh