Madalyn Merkey is a visual and sound synthesis artist who uses the post-romantic idea of the landscape to carefully sculpt fluid and organic electronic pieces. She debuted with the record Scent on Ducktails’ New Images label. It’s successor 'Valley Girl' was a highlight of 2014. We had a Skype conversation on her music, vocoders and Brandy.
07 March 2015 | AG 5
Niels Latomme

I came across the Brandy plug-in on Google on your side, what is it about?

Madalyn Merkey 

The website worked with the Google map API, but the background images are no longer supported, so it doesn’


Would you ever use your voice as a pure instrument, without effects?


While I was at Mills, I took classical voice lessons. So I have some technical skills, but it’s difficult to know how to compose for voice. I really