Mark Fell

Mark Fell is a reluctant giant of contemporary electronic music, whose work has managed to remain in touch with both the experimental fringes ànd the more established zones of DJs and club scenes. Even at the start of his career, his musical partnership with Mat Steel as snd was at once the harbinger of the so-called glitch movement and the odd fellow within that movement due to its strong ties to house music. Renowned for his deep knowledge of software and equipment, and for injecting his sounds with political and philosophical pre-occupations, the deconstructionist approaches of Mark Fell have always kept their accessibility. But don’t forget to activate your brain while you headnod.
24 February 2016 | AG 7
Brecht Ameel

Imagine a parallel universe where Mark Fell is the conductor of an orchestra performing contemporary classical music. What repertoire does this Mark Fell choose and why?

Mark Fell 

I can’t imagine any


Is “Skydancer” – the piece you will be performing on the Kraak Festival – a comment on the commodification of rave culture? 


I don’t know. I mean on the one hand it seems like a celebration and on the other a cr