Meakusma comedown: Back porch musings about festivals and their ilk

After over a week of lists and highlights, best ofs and nostalgic recaps, the occasional souvenir post still makes an appearance and betrays the obvious: we’re all still there somehow, still processing. Meakusma is not a festival that you immediately return from. Rather, like any remarkable experience, it stays with you, quietly but indelibly.
20 September 2019 | AG 14

While it may have all the bearings of a showcase festival, Meakusma has managed to gracefully tread the line between exposing audiences to compelling and not unchallenging acts while letting those good, easygoing vibes flow. A refreshing absence of sen

To be sure, honoring the many facets of contemporary music is ostensibly at the core of this festival’s ethos. The feat of providing a platform that accommodates these subcultures while eschewing confining aesthetic preoccupations in order to converge

One thing that is indisputable, as the rush recedes and we are grounded back to our worldly anchors, is the respectful attitude reflected by this experience in communal merrymaking. There is respect for the musicians: no headliners, for nobody’s art an