Nihilist, urban no wave was a while ago a has-been genre, suited for old farts with a J.G. Ballard obsession, who cannot handle the confident optimism of generation Y. Reality is different nowadays, dystopia is everywhere, and the Swedish duo Neutral sharpen their songs on it. Their debut album Grå Våg Gamlestaden (2014, Omlott) is a fuck you towards optimism and softness, with its broken guitar noise, misan- thropic industrial and warped tape experiments. We had some back and forth mailing with Sofie Herner and Dan Johansson, dwellers of the warehouse scene of Göthebörg.
07 March 2015 | AG 5
Ode Windels

Digging into your musical background shows you are quite embedded in the Swedish underground noise scene with other or previous projects like Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Heinz Hopf, Leda or Källarbarnen. Can you tell us more about


Can you tell a bit more about the previously mentioned Swedish underground? Has it evolved a lot in the past two decades? What’s the state of affairs today? 


I leave this question to Dan, I don’t know if I know wh