Paradon’t is a German duo that hails partly from the Black Forest, partly from Southern Germany. The duo — Don’t DJ (part of The Durian Brothers) and Paraklang, both renowned solo musicians — met each other through love: Volker (Paraklang) was the boyfriend of Florian's (Don’t DJ) sister, so when Florian visited his parents (who lived in the same city), Volker's studio became the natural hangout for the night-time. They developed a new form of techno music, for which they infused graceful formal experiment with trance elements and polyrhythms.
20 February 2018 | AG 11

Historically (if that still means something in the second decade of the third millennium) their music can be put in the lineage of the experiments of 60s avant-gardists like Stockhausen, or the sonic experiments in rhythm and texture of Autechre in the

Paradon’t stands out compared to their fellow electronic musicians. A lot of electronic outfits tend to reinstate the synthesizer experiments from the 70s and 80s, diving deep into well-known retro-futurism; other forms of electronic music researches t

The sole reference (or meaning, for that matter) to an external world might be the Exotic. Paradon’t sounds like an electronic version of African polyrhythmic music. Also the titles might refer to exotic language (it could be Asian). When we asked if t