Peter Burr

Peter Burr is an artist from Brooklyn specializing in animation and installation. A master of computer animation, with a gift for creating images and environments that hover on the boundary between abstraction and figuration, Burr has in recent years devoted himself to exploring the concept of an endlessly mutating labyrinth. Existing as stand-alone pieces, much of his work is also in the process of expanding into a video game, and both music, in collaboration with Lucky Dragons and Jlin. For the KRAAK festival 2018 he will present a series of films and a exclusive AV performance in collaboration with the Shelter Press head honcho and visual artist/musician Felicia Atkinson.
20 February 2018 | AG 11
Niels Latomme

What do you think about the idea to perceive the video's as live performances, instead of presenting them as video. We deliberately want to present them as a same thing as the concerts on the festival, to open the conception of


Also the post-internet, might be a theme to elaborated on. It's an art form that came out of the ever expanding presence of virtual ways of communication, you see its traces in music, but also in visual arts. Is it a theme that interest yo


A perception-altering experiences seems to be part of the effect of your works. Why? do you want to aim for a pure formal, or even immersive experience of video, or are more conventional mechanics like emotion and narratives at play in you