We like our metal radical, dirty, and so obscure that you (almost) can’t find anything on the www. Pymathon came to our ears on a beer soaked tape, released through a label that we never heard of. Their sound is harsh, wild and satanic, bringing the best of noise, trash and black metal together in an old school Finnish tradition. The members are well known figures in Scandinavian noise, free improv and experimental scenes.
15 February 2017 | AG 9
Niels Latomme

How did pymathon started out?

Tommi Tiheäsalo

Pymathon was initially a duo of me, Topias, guitar, and Jaakko, drums. Our background – and current activities as well – are in free-jazz and improvised

So, our simple and humble aim has been the opposite of all that control: to improvise, to not to rehearse, to not to plan anything. In my opinion, this is the only way to ensure we will always sound like a Thrash metal band stuck to their demo-phase, s


I always found it very interesting that the pretty strict conventions and rules of genre music seems to be a good way to create new sorts of music, like in metal, but also in reggae and hip hop. What do you think of that?

Pymathon split cover

How is it to make music in Scandinavia? There is a good scene in Finland, with a lot of connection to Belgium – antwerp in concrete. How do feel about this Belgium-Finnish connection?


Not wanting to sound like a know-i