Rufus Michielsen - NEW ROOT CANAL

“The most interesting part of creating music or visual art is that moment where it becomes something else, something that wasn’t consciously planned beforehand.” Rufus Michielsen brings electro as a hip-hopper, or hiphop as a performance artist. He stands on stage the same way he lives his life: without any fear of falling flat on his face.
13 February 2019 | AG 14
Joeri Bruyninckx 

Your music has something dirty, nonchalant, confident and silly, but that is my opinion.

Rufus Michielsen 

That is actually a good description: dirty, nonchalant, confident, silly. I have alwa


I saw you live at Laurent Cartuyvels’ home. What struck me was how your setup was pretty limited. A conscious choice?


The setup that I use is indeed rather limited and, yes, that is a conscious choice. Usua


I interviewed your sister before for the Naast De Kwestie Festival and your father for Vice. When I asked your sister about what she learned from your parents, she answered “gewoon doen”. I still haven’t figured out if by that she