SEF III are a trio: Max Eilbacher, Alex Moskos and Duncan Moore, of Horselords, AIDS Wolf and Needle Gun reputation. They playfully combine the fine arts of absurdist text-sound composition, electro-acoustic collage and sound synthesis into a field where performance, fluxus inspired poetry and confusing electronic sound experimentation court each other. Highly recommended: their tape on the ever amazing Ehse Records.
20 February 2018 | AG 11


Convolving schema of gene sequence combinatorial….

The irrigation of the solar tract!

Lanthanide reptile substrate textile interpolating only to become SURFACE.

Submersion in a space articulated like a factory


Digital Heart – Analogue Brain. 

Clock. The cyclic mantra of processor speed, the heart of the computer. 

Hemispheres – Valency – Digital endgame apoptosis. 

A cognitive data structure embodied by the

A Teledildonics Advertisement, pertaining to erotic interactions between machines, with no human involvement by ME


SEF III appears to implement a system of distributed artificial intelligence displayed by it’s apparent swarm organisation behaviours, an insectoid theme which occurs, for example, in the purely psychoacoustic stridulative wavepacket strata of the synt


“When an orthogonal-rendering cadmium hand is rotationally annihilated inside an ex-transitive DANGDUT DENIM DEMON hypo-tegumentary parapet shaped pillar of condensation it is important to observe the exact pattern of vibrant oxidisation as those clawe