Some Kind of Composition: Gaute Granli

"Norwegian wunderkind of the venerable Stavanger freakscene, GG is a one-man army of hallucinatory bombardment and altered state dramaturgy. His arsenal of guitar, voice, effects and loopers positioning him as the architect and protagonist of a stunningly diverse and captivating range of scenes variously concentrated with tension, psychedelia, humor, terror, pathos and fascination, like a minimalist noise opera directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, bizarre and excoriating but profoundly touching, luring you in ever closer to a serene spectacle of annihilation." ~ Gretchen Aury, Guttersnipe
18 February 2020 |
Joeri Bruyninckx

I never saw you live, but I saw several full concerts of you on YouTube and Vimeo. The more recent the concert, the better, I think.

Gaute Granli

Would be sad if it went the other way around, would


Do you make a difference between what you do live and what you do on a record?


When making an album I'll always go for straight up songs.


In our previous talks, I compared your musi

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