Steven Warwick

Nadir is the opposite of Zenith. The latter refers to a high point, the first to the lowest point. It’s also the intriguing title of Steven Warwick aka Heatsick’s new release. The album is conceived as a conceptual mixtape. It deals with contemporary issues as dislocation, emotional fragmentation and intermediation — or the tension between the so-called ‘real’ or material and the virtual world. Every song is a collage of seemingly banal fragments out of (his?) daily live. The lyrics could be random snippets derived from newfeeds, or Peréc-like observations devoid of meaning. Somewhere he sings: “The mezzanine is your dancefloor. It is your Chessboard” and “It feels like an airport, the difference is… at any plane you can choose to leave.” The mood of Nadir is melancholic, the sound artificial and synthetic. It’s an open record that mixes the literality of pop art with modernist dandyism. It provides a complex of clues, leaving you confused in a most compelling way.
15 February 2017 | AG 9
It feels like an airport, the difference is…
at any plane you can choose to leave.

Together with Luke Younger, Warwick formed one of the UK’s finest noise outfits Birds of Delay. As Heatsick, h

But there is more to it than a formal experiment. Whereas his earlier records explore intellectualized forms of music, Nadir shows a heightened awareness for emotion and is overtly melancholic. He reveals himself as a late night crooner,