Still House Plants

Still House Plants consists of three players: Finlay, Jess and David. One day they met at the art school of Glasgow, where they studied at the Fine Arts department. They started playing in flats that where used as galleries and somehow ended up at 20 years Ultra Eczema a couple of months ago. I was confused at first, hearing them. I wondered if they where really good, or really bad. And when that happens you always have to stay and listen. But the show in Antwerp left an instant mark.
19 February 2018 | AG 11
Lizzy Vandierendonck

What are your backgrounds? Which elements does each of you bring to the music?

David Kennedy

I started playing drums at a young age and when I was set to go to music school, I decided against it and stop


What inspires you, besides music?


I find just doing a really healthy mind-set. I think we are lucky to have a visual background as a group because doing things next to writing music really helps you to free up


One of your songs is called The House Band of Chicago, is there a great Chicago-related memory or story behind it?


Yes, there is!


Many interpretations of the song move amongst th