De Neus Van God: Best of 2019, Pt. One

Here it goes, De Neus Van God puts out the selection of albums we enjoyed the most in this first half of the year. Our little gift for the summer ahead - spend it well!
28 June 2019 | De Neus van God

Laura Cannell - The Sky Untuned (Brawl Records, CD)

Raymonde - Ce qui est en bas, est comme ce qui est en haut; et ce qui est en haut, est comme ce qui est en bas (Vlek, LP)

Cucina Povera - Zoom (Night School, LP)

Frank Hurricaine - Pymp World (Ultra Eczema, LP)

Aponogeton - A place of Solace (Stroom, LP)

Ela Orleans - Movies for Ears (not on label)

Brannten Schnüre - Erinnerungen an Gesichter (Low Company, LP)

Borange - Bornite Nights (Non Local Research, cassette)

Bonne Humeur Provisoire - Mèrak (BeCoq records and others, LP)

Triple Negative - Precious Waste in our Wake (Penultimate Press, LP)

Riccardo Sinigaglia, Trio Cavalazzi - In Fa (Black Sweat records, LP)

75 Dollar Bill - I Was Real (Thin Wrist Records, LP)

Leighton Craig - Diamond Eye (Bruit Direct Disques, LP)

Anne Laplantine - élucidé (Midi Fish, cassette)

Apulatie Bien - D'ap (errata, cassette)

Mike Cooper - Distant songs of madmen (Backwards Records, LP)

Sun Cycle / Elk Jam (Feeding Tube, LP)

Joris Van de Moortel - El Paraiso (Sonic Poet, CD)

Carrageenan - Let's Go There (Cold Moss, 7'')