Tomas Buckner

Tom Buckner is back in town! The man is a living legend, having worked together with all the great people alike Robert Ashley, Roscoe Mittchell, Jacques Bekaert and more. He will perform at Logos on November 3th, and give a masterclass at KRAAK’s new crib, the School of Arts.
01 December 2016 | AG 8

Like any respectable spokesman for the American avant-guard music, Thomas Buckner's voice moves in small concentric circles. He spoke as an amnesic spy for Robert Ashley, he sang his invented memory by “Blue” Gene Tyranny,  he chanted for Jerome C

Besides being an idiosyncratic vocalist he is also a promoter, the proof being his digital record label “Mutable Music”, and countless concerts and commissions. As mentioned earlier, his genuine curiosity for people and cultures enables his versatility