VA AA LR is the trio of Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan and Louis Rice. They are the ultimate re-imagineers and rethinkers of your daily sound environment, using non-conformist techniques and arte povera methods in contemporary music.
28 May 2017 | AG 9.1

Inge van den Kroonenberg proposed VA AA LR 49 questions that could conduct an interview. The answers were burned, the questions form a trace that could be read as a poem in itself. A written report of the actual performance serves as a counterpoint to

Chapter 1. Burning the Object / 49 (unanswered) questions for VA AA LR

0.1 Which object would you like to burn?

0.2 Which medium would you choose to record the sound of the burning object?

0.3 Which format would you choose to convert the sound of the burning object to?

0.4 Which setting wou

Chapter 2. Concert for Signal Flares

It’s eleven pm. The spacious courtyard of the Bijloke site is scarcely illuminated. People hang out at the entrance of the building, smoking cigarettes, having a beer. From the rooftop terrace pop music dissolves into the nightly sky. No wind is rustli