It’s hard not to mention Zarabatana and free jazz in one sentence. But this Portuguese trio of drums, upright bass and trumpet hi-jack the heritage of Art Ensemble of Chicago from the institution, and bring it back to where it belongs: in a urban complex of fast moving bodies, wild exotic night life and tranquilized woods. Quick, some heavy loaded questions with Bernardo Álvares, the bass player of the trio.
19 February 2018 | AG 11
Niels Latomme

When I discovered the Fogo na Carne Tape a couple of years ago, Zarabatana seemed to me a bit isolated from the Portugese improv/jazz scene. There is the scene with Pedro Sousa, David Maranha, Gabriel Ferrandini and lik


Why did you record the most recent album in the woods?


We wanted to capture the sound of old field recordings that are part of some of the music that influenced us. And since it’s expensive to pay for a studio in a