On Virtual Fictions: Aylu

Yurp, looks like the folks at the KRAAK HQ have found a door to an otherworldly bumpy, colourful, bubbly world, full of deliberately found sounds ping-ponging from ear to ear, effortlessly stretching time, leaving you baffled. The creator of this universe: Buenos Aires-based footwork/glitch/electroacoustic producer Aylu. We called her long-distance in the midst of a football game, as she was finishing an album that will soon be released on Mana Records.
26 February 2020 |
Dries Robbe

For Google, you’re quite an enigma. Can you tell us something about your background?

Ailin Grad

I started playing classical guitar at the age of 12. Some years later I received an electric guitar as a b


To me, the earlier releases in your career have a more classic footwork or IDM feel, while your later releases sound more abstract and subtle. How come?


Ten years ago, I listened to Foodman a lot. Back the


Your Casa EP and your album on Orange Milk Records both have a very (post-)internet feel and aesthetic to them. Is this music mainly alive on the inte

Aylu will treat us to one of her hallucinogenic sets on her first-ever Eurotrip at KRAAK Festival 2020. She will play Saturday 29.02 - tickets available