Bryan Lewis Saunders

Bryan Lewis Saunders is an intense performer and visual artist. He searches the dark corners of himself and mankind in general. He goes to places where average people are not willing to go. His life seems to be a continuous per- formance in which taking drugs to make self portraits is a logical thing to do. Or regardless of what people think of his disturbed mind, he records himself while sleeping and uses the recordings as source material for albums. He has collaborated on performances and other recordings with fellow dark hunters of the true grotesque John Duncan and Leif Elggren. Most interesting is the unconscious book on tape called, The Confessor, in which our own Razen provided the soundtrack for the title chapter.
07 March 2015 | AG 5
Niels Latomme

Obsession seems to be a big issue in your work, how do you relate to it? 

Bryan Lewis Saunders

I would say obsessions come in different forms for me. In drawing and painting it’s about forced obsessi


Is it hard to share this intimate stuff with people you don’t know


Not one bit. I never edit the bad words or the messed up stuff out of the recordings, I don’t believe in self censorship at all. If I want to dis