Editorial issue n° 5

Dear Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, I am obsessed with cycling. You now might suspect the opposite, having devoured the fifth issue of this publication so utterly devoid of any irony.
08 March 2015 | AG 5

Nonetheless, I cycle a few thousand kilometres a year, the Mont Ventoux doesn’t have any secrets for me anymore, I am regularly spotted wearing tight and aesthet- ically unjustified outfits, and I spent a fortune on a celeste green Bianchi—the

My heart jumps over a beat for the long tours, like the Tour de France, the Giro and The Vuelta. The spring classics are for East-Belgian farmers, too big, rude muscled men. Like the idiots in my hometown, their merit lies in their muscular power,

Whilst reading the last paragraphs, you probably getting my concerns: I am sincerely dissatisfied with the Western context. The overwhelming stream of news about radicalisation, the beside the point excuses of our Muslim community, the blustering by an