Editorial issue n° 10

DEAR READER, I'm writing to you from the jungle of Polynesia, the isle of Tuvalu. I’m here researching the sound- textural qualities of the Tuli bird and its influence on western post-WWII avant-garde. How and why I ended up here involved a wild night in Brussels, a somewhat scruffy man and a dodgy contract. So... At this very moment, I’m sitting in a bar barely worth the name. The bartender only serves warm beer, and I’m deeply wrapped-up in the significance of Tuli bird chant.
24 November 2017 | AG 10

In his books, a man by the name of Steve Feld elaborated masterfully on the influence of bird sounds and natural phenomenae on the music of Polynesian tribes, I will not bore you with the technical aspects of it. One does wonder though, if the results

Steve Feld