Keiko Higuchi

Keiko Higuchi is a Japanese vocalist and musician with an impressive résumé, who has already released nine albums, both in groups and as a solo artist. Her music - covering genres like avant-garde, jazz and free improvisation - has been released on labels such as Improvising Beings, Utech and Music Atlach. Her live performances are particularly intense because she uses expressive body movements to create certain vocal sounds, along with her use of the piano as a percussion instrument. On The Eastern Daze Festival, she will perform with bassist Luis Inage (Aural Fit, Derakushi).
15 November 2017 | AG 10

To start with, can you tell us a little about your history, musical background and how you became a singer?


I was born in Tokyo, Japan and spent most of my teenage years and a bit more in the States, and the last f


Is the piano the perfect instrument for you?


I may be using the piano like a percussion instrument that brings a groove or a specific rhythm. For me, a song represents a timeline, and I play and sing to show the dynami