Editorial Issue n° 6

Dear reader, You are holding the 6th edition of our irregularly published newspaper. It presents the second edition of the great collaborative project called Eastern Daze. For those who missed out the first edition: it’s a one day festival and draws you into the immersive effect that trance music supposed to have. It leaves you with a burning ache in between your ears, or stomach. Depends what you engulf too much, the music or the hallucinogens. It hints towards an euphoric feeling caused by becoming part of the collective, a drop in the ocean as zen buddhists say.
25 November 2015 | AG 6

Trance music is from all places, and from all times. Actually, when you think about it, it’s the very core of music. It bends space-time and makes you chasing your own tail. It makes you forget your highly individual attitude, whereas the ‘we’ embraces


You might have seen images or rumours about strangers invading Europe, in herds of thousands and thousands. There is something happening at the borders of our well-faring, preciously cared and nourished Europe

It reminds me of the end of the Ro


The second idea is related to the above paragraph: our mental-social mindframe is centred around the ‘I’. In the West the highest value of all is individuality. Everything is ‘I’, and succes, failure and all depends if I work hard enough. The ‘I’ can r


In Ghent there is this giant building, standing fierce close to the highest point of the City. It’s the Art Centre Vooruit, where this festival is taking place. It’s located in a nice area, on a stone’s throw away from the famous Book Tower — on


The seven artists playing on this edition of Eastern Daze use a similar, ancient old technique in their music — e.i. The Drone. It’s an acoustic phenomon which reveals itself out of long pitched tones, harmonically positioned in a way that the fr