The New Wave of Northern England noise has finally arrived. Until 3 years ago, the scene was led by VCO and side projects, but a couple of youngsters took over the scepter. Guttersnipe is one of the hardest outfits, guitar & drum are their tools to make explosive and brain melting noise. Hail to England’s Freak Empire.
23 February 2016 | AG 7
niels latomme

You seem to be part of a very active scene based in Glasgow/ Leeds, about which Mel of Ashtray Navigations told me it has a long running history. She said that the freak empire is everywhere. How do you feel about this? 


To find common ground with other humans in an unorthodox yet mutually satisfying way, to occupy myself with a task with few fixed boundaries, to get out of the house. 


What do you do outside being guttersnipe? <


I found about your record thanks to the review of KEK. He described you as The musical palette-perge I didn’t know I needed, a demasculinised anti-rock ear reset. Also Ksiezyc claim their femaleness. How do you feel about thi

Women suffer a lot in a patriarchal society and my own experience of that suffering will always influence how I express myself creatively, but Guttersnipe is certainly not a negative band so I think the gendered aspects of our music are more positive t