Vymethoxy Redspiders' KILLER Covid-19

Hello Euromaniacs!!! It’s your favourite frenzied future femme Vymethoxy Redspiders here coming to you from locked down Leeds, UK in the company of my stranded Green Tipped Sand Syd and four fuzzy phasmids (Peruphasma Schultei variety). After being given permission by lovely Gonzo Gabby to “go freeform” with this task, I have indeed done just that and far exceeded the proposed “Covid 5” list and instead rode my loquacious instincts towards a verbose LIST TO END ALL LISTS of media indulgence, including music, films, books and video games that have been in my psychic field over the last while. Come now! There’s no excuses to be made about not having enough time to absorb all this. We’re all stuck in the same big, many chambered boat here. So stand 2 metres away from me and follow me down the rabbit hole… YOU ASKED FOR IT!
25 April 2020 | Quarantined Guardian


Bark Psychosis - Hex

A record I’d take to the grave, I always try to make time to listen to it when heavy, difficult, revelatory or otherwise serious things are happening in life. It’s really a standalone record for me, it has this totally hermetic feeling of making time s

Demilich - Nespithe

One of the last concerts I went to before the lockdown was when me and my girlfriend Sydney/Slaylor Moon went to see DEMILICH in Leeds on valentine’s day, haha, which we had not pla

Helter Skelter Hardcore Classics mixed by Billy “Daniel” Bunter/Pig Snorter “My 909’s got a Picture of Chris Liberator on it”

In my earlier, formative existential configurations I would always respond to darkness with more darkness and aim for the centre of the void, but after years of too much despair and drama I learned to resort to more sanguine tactics. Raving has been a

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Fanfare for the Warriors

My favourite Art Ensemble cut, capturing the crew in full beams, all cards "on or off the table" kaleidoscopic frenzy which teleports the listener from station to station via igneous carnival of the insane cacophony, politically performative theatrical

Sophie - Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides

Being the snobby elitist goth that I am, excessive hype around any record tends to induce a bit of an allergic response in me, so even though I did listen to this when it came out and was totally awestruck, I didn’t really repeat the experience until v

Drainolith - Hysteria

I listened to this record on acid for the first time late last year and was stunned by the levels of additional detail that I previously hadn’t perceived… My boy Moschops really wove a tapestry on this extremely intricate museum tour of his pers

A.R Kane - 69

Continuing with the theme of stylistically capricious specimens and bouncing off from Moskos who I made a convert to this band out of in 2018, I could not put together a list such as this one without including A.R. Kane, who have been one of my dearest

Helena Celle - If I Can’t Handle Me At My Best, You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst / Comfort - Not Passing

Two highly contrasting records involving two beguiling high priestesses of the UK trans woman freak alliance (Glasgow division); Helena Celle aka Kay Logan of Gimp World/Herbert Powell/Otherworld/Time Binding Ensemble/Neuromancer/ex-Anxiety (now Anxiou

To Live and Shave in L.A. - The Wigmaker in 18th Century Williamsburg

Last year I joined TLASILA and embarked on an unforgettably ridiculous High Summer tour with Tom and Rat direct and uncut, a sanity straining two weeks covering 9 hour drives in 40+ degree heat, French countryside circus raves, a big stretch in Italy f

Spellling - Pantheon of Me

An album that for me really encapsulates isolation, a haunting and singular collection of pensive, lonely, beautiful songs that are full of unexpected and personal sonic touches. I would call the style of this record “Darkwave Soul” which is a sound I

Metalux - Victim of Space

After reading Cosey Fanni Tutti’s incredible book Art Sex Music I was compelled to revisit all of the TG records, having not really listened to them since I was a teenager and being put off the whole “Industrial” scene by the tainted associati

Daevid Allen - Divided Alien Playbax80

Undeniably a document of a person gone completely off the deep end in their own private mental cell is this bizarre martian no-wave/space pirate brain haemorrhage disco/lysergic mad max hippie punk opus that is humorously absent from the archive of Gon

Ruth White - Flowers of Evil

Spooky, sinister, macabre, hallucinatory, eldritch, disquieting - the list of dark adjectives can be exhausted when trying to describe this otherworldly gem of late 60s proto-gothic sonic seance comprised of icy, tenebrous modular synth witchery amidst

Aming Liang - Sailing log 07a13c1z-335742 + others

When all this coronavirus disaster began to unfold and was still probably in most of our oblivious and naive western minds another crisis that would never *really* affect those of us outside of east Asia, or specifically China, I thought a lot about my


RIVEN: The sequel to MYST

I was completely engrossed by this unique point and click adventure puzzle game when me and my dad played it on the family Windows 98 PC back in that same year- at the time it had the most impressively detailed and immersive visual world of any existin

Silent Hill 2

Undoubtedly the most influential game on my personality - although there are other contenders, such as Abe’s Oddysee, MDK, Medievil + Final Fantasy 8 - and another deeply immersive and long form cinematic gaming experience, but of totally the opposite


Milford Graves: Full Mantis (Jake Meginsky/Neil Young, 2018)

Anyone who cares about music should see this film, immediately!!! Co-directed by Jake Meginsky and Neil “Cloaca” Young (drummer of Gsnip idols Fat Worm of Error), this film is a masterpiece of the format and presents the life and work of the awe inspir

Blood Tea and Red String (Christine Cegavske, 2006)

A very strange and aesthetically incomparable no-dialogue stop-motion “fairytale for adults” about a family of bat/owl/anthromorph peasants and their feud with a group of blood drinking aristocratic mice in their attempts to use a mannequin surrogate t


O[Rphan] d[Rift>]: Cyberpositive

I’m gonna round this one off with a book which I got from Tomas of Nonlocal Society




Get a load of Petronn Sphene's explosive smasherA Damsel Causing Distress over a