“I’M LIKE WATER, FOLLOWING THE PATH OF THE LEAST RESISTANCE’”. With ‘The Drain’, 38 year old Belgian psych folk musician Bram Devens made a traditional guitar/voice record. If only you could understand the lyrics, you could call it ‘classic’.
01 December 2016 | AG 8
Joeri Bruyninckx

Everything about this record feels very close to home?

Bram Devens

Location and home was always a thing on all my records and record covers; a house, a view from my apartment, my dog, pigeons in Brussels


If you are close to John Fahey as a guitar player, than to Jackson C Frank as a songwriter. 


I love Jackson C Frank, but I’m not sure about a direct influence. I discovered his music only a few years ago, too rece


Do you play daily? Do you listen to music daily?


Yes I play and listen to music everyday. I play during the day and after dinner when the kids watch TV. My guitar is nearby and I play it whenever I feel like it. <