Isolation Jams Pt. Germanalia!

Two gems were dropped in our mailboxes recently: a sick new track from the KRAAK Fest 2020 legendary Yürgen Karle Trio, and a swoon-worthy mix by 1/3 of YOR to elevate dreams of physicality into the same realm as this endless waking reverie.
07 April 2020 | Quarantined Guardian

Yürgen Karle Trio - Gravierend Anders

" encounter with the infamous Yürgen Karle Trio means more than meets the eye: it will be a multi-dimensional, mind-boggling, synesthetic experience of not just music but a way of life! [...] The music’s just one part of a much wider picture and the musicians, the human beings themselves are the living – and stubborn – proof to a life (at least more than part-time) and its possibilities beyond society’s domestic expectations and aside from the dull cultural norms blindfolding our sight whenever we’re switching on the tube or tune into the endless distractions the internet keeps in store. "

~ Holger Adam, The World in A Schachtel

kiss me, it`s just a dream by HÖÄH

Surreal tunes for yearning and unfulfilled desire selected by YOR's Nataly Hulikova. Feel less lonesome between rude awakenings:

For more Yürgen Karle Trio, check out their newflangled-ish Bandcamp page and indulge in some sweet freako improvs!

As for YOR: we still have copies of their incredible offbeat 7" LOVE ~ we're giving the artists 100% of sales revenue, so now's the chance to give these lovers all the love they need <3 Check out Nataly's noise-inclined alias T.u.B, with hot trax being regularly dropped on the BC stratosphere!

Isolation Jams is a (hopefully short-lived) weekly series meant to showcase the artistic activity of our associates  and kindred spirits in order to support them during this period of disruption and change. Stay tuned for more!