Isolation Jams Pt. Germanalia!

Two gems were dropped in our mailboxes recently: a sick new track from the KRAAK Fest 2020 legendary Yürgen Karle Trio, and a swoon-worthy mix by 1/3 of YOR to elevate dreams of physicality into the same realm as this endless waking reverie.
07 April 2020 | Quarantined Guardian

Yürgen Karle Trio - Gravierend Anders

" encounter with the infamous Yürgen Karle Trio means more than meets the eye: it will be a multi-dimensional, mind-boggling, synesthetic experience of not just music but a way of life! [...] The music’s just one part of a much wider picture and t

kiss me, it`s just a dream by HÖÄH

Surreal tunes for yearning and unfulfilled desire selected by YOR's Nataly Hulikova. Feel less lonesome between rude awakenings:

For more Yürgen Karle Trio, check out their newflangled-ish Bandcamp page and indulge in some sweet freako improvs!

As for YOR: we still have copies of their in

Isolation Jams is a (hopefully short-lived) weekly series meant to showcase the artistic activity of our associates  and kindred spirits in order to support them during this period of disruption and change. Stay tuned for more!