Songs of the Earth: Mesias Maiguashca

The seminal Ecuadorian composer profiled by fellow countryman and supreme champion of his music, David Jarrin.
25 February 2020 |

Mesías Maiguashca (Quito, 1938)  is part of the first generation of South American maverick sound explorers that in the 1960s paved the way for a tradition of innovation that persists in the present noise and psychedelic scenes of the continent. A

Promptly, Maiguashca could continue his education at the Eastman School of Music, and from there he went on to study composition in the exploratory studios of the Instituto Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires. In 1966, he came to the WDR in Cologne, dire

The new possibilities of experimenting with electronics awakened in Maiguashca philosophical questions. The very physicality of sound motivated his research on acoustics as well as a growing fascination for the work of Alvin Lucier for their shared int

In the last thirty years Maiguashca went further into his personal story and expanded it to its ties with the indigenous origins of his family and the dramatic history of Ecuador. One of his most important works is the musical reading of the poem of th

Regarding his participation at KRAAK festival he will propose a performance of his piece Holz Arbeitet II (2005, for wooden sound objects, two performers and electronics). In our exchanges in preparation for this article, Maiguashca stated: “T

Mesias Maiguashca will conduct a performance of Holz Alberteit II, Saturday 29.02 at KRAAK Festival 2020. Beware, it's quite short - be on time if you want to witness this awe-inspiring piece! Get your festiv