Mike Cooper

EASTERN DAZE CONNECTS TRADITIONAL FOLK MUSIC AND CONTEMPORARY UNDERGROUND. A REFLECTION BY MIKE COOPER. At 70 years old, Mike Cooper is a highly inventive bottleneck slideguitarist, a veteran of the music world and a fearless world traveller. During the sixties he was one of the upcoming stars of the British Blues and Folk boom, next to six string heroes like John Martyn, Michael Chapman and Roy Harper. He moved towards more unexplored territory on records like ‘Trout Steel’ where he combined country infused rock with jazz, free improv and field recordings. The last 50 years saw him creating an oeuvre that is now being rediscovered by new generations, thanks to a batch of reissues on labels like Paradise of Bachelors and - most of all - continuous exhilarating live performances. On his 2014 LP ‘Cantos de Lisboa’ Cooper collaborated with longtime fan and current guitar hero Steve Gunn. Mike Cooper’s music is impossible to pin down; there’s loop based exotica, deconstructed Hawaïian music, outsider ambient combined with straight up top notch fingerpicking and slide guitar playing. It’s deep, wholly original and impossible to forget once heard.
10 November 2016 | AG 8.1
Hans Van der Linden

Hi there…What is underground? Presumably non mainstream pop /classical / contemporary culture? Talking music that probably means all ‘folk music’ is underground?

Mike Cooper

My musical life st

My instrument of choice is lap steel guitar or ‘Hawaiian Guitar’ as it should be called, for it is indeed a Hawaiian invention, at least as far as I know. Imported into mainland North America, by Hawaiians, it captured the imagination of blues and then

The act of sliding an object along a string is Hawaiian guitar in Hawaii but it exists in other cultures as well, although often not on a guitar but some other local instrument like a vina in India for instance. There are glissando str