Under their Native Instrument moniker, Stine Janvin Motland and Felicity Mangan, blend abstract vocals with wildlife sounds to create their immersive insect techno. CAMO, the debut release of the duo, has to be one of the most pleasantly alienating records of the year, presenting four pieces which absorb the listener into the imaginary biotopes from which they emerged.
07 December 2017 | AG 10.1
Jannis Van de Sande

Native Instrument has been active for a while now. How did your collaboration start?

Félicity Mangan

Our first show was about two and
a half years ago in a small bar in Berlin, the intention was


Stine, a few years ago, you played a solo show for KRAAK, in which you were not on stage, but moved through the building wearing a microphone. Is the performative aspect important for Native Instrument? 


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