Brussel-based duo of harpist Léa Roger (Guili Guili Gulag) and drummer/singer Célia Jankowski (Vitas Guerulaitis). One can refer to a fine blend of post-velvet experimentation, spiritual free jazz, French prog folk and Malinese music, but that would equally distract one’s attention from their wild beauty and imagination.
19 February 2018 | AG 11
Inge van den Kroonenberg

When did the two of you meet and how long have you been playing together?

Léa Roger

We have met two years ago while touring in France with our other bands. Célia’s is called Vitas Guerua


Your music makes an intimate impression and yet has an outgoing and energetic drive. Can you tell a bit more about these qualities that seem to provoke a fresh tension in your music.


Yes it’s true. One day, after ou


Your music is being described as a re-reading of traditional music (Norwegian, Breton, Indonesian, songs of the shepherds from the Alps...) which also resonates through the mix of ethnic and electronic instruments you use. Would you des


How do you approach your lyrics? Do they spring from the sound of spontaneous vocalisations or do you write with a specific meaning or image in mind?


Sound gives me a specific emotion and this very emotion will