There still are big chunks of unknown territory left to unveil in the KRAUT rock genre. The fine lads of Transport bravely dedicate their lives to the exploration of those undiscovered realms. The collective is a free-wheeling monster dealing in Motorik Beats, psychedelic guitars and afro-beat bass grooves. Who can refuse a superbly crafted cocktail of Neu! and Can, spiced up with some Ralf & Florian and flavours of the best that current mind boggling music has to offer? Transport was featured in The Avant-Guardian nr. 9.1; for this edition we asked them to shed some light on their inspirations, and to send us a nice list of their favourite records.
19 February 2018 | AG 11

Edis Ludwig:

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek — Schaum (2016)
So good. Love it. Electronics wonderful, percussions/mallets. GREAT.

John Coltrane — The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (1997)

Nils Herzogenrath:

Miles Davis — On The Corner
I want a lot of what he had during that electric and brutal phase... Very often I feel exactly the same as this record feels to me. Restless and fucking stressed, but somehow chill

Niklas Wandt:

Pat Metheny — American Garage
Swooping planes, chromium/white leather furniture, male bulges in tight blue jeans, drives in the great outdoors (who worries about the price of gas), stock footage of geese in flight or