Typhonian Highlife

One could easily say US experimentalist Spencer Clark is the ultimate shapeshifter. Notorious with ‘partner in drone’ James Ferraro as The Skaters or on his own under hilarious monikers like Monopoly Child Searcher, Vodka Soap and Black Joker amongst many others. Under his latest alias Typhonian Highlife he recycles the trashcans of forgotten eighties electronics and adds a heavy dose of new age mysticism and vhs-induced fever dreams. His record ‘World of Shells’ - out now on the Belgian Kraak-label - is a masterclass of dystopian exotica. Yes, that’s a genre now.
10 November 2016 | AG 8.1

There is no one way to introduce Spencer Clark. More like, there are multiple introductions to be made, all into the different auras that he’s created over the years.  With the Skaters, he assumed half of a gurgling persona, swallowed by the crack

Alien Nation Dark Horizon


After the original Alien Nation movie, they made a TV SERIES. Then it got canned, so the director decide to then make 5 MADE FOR TV MOVIES. What dedication.  The aliens are called newcomers! The newcomers embrace this sort of junk-new

The Reptilian Agenda with Credo Mutwa


Credo Mutwa is one of the true influences for “THE WORLD OF SHELLS”. He was an Artist in Afrika who created sculptures and paintings based on secret myths of pre-history alien being, called THE CHITAHOORI… In this video he is interv



“Arcade” hasn’t much real effect on “The World of Shells”, it has an effect on life as I know it! There is no better example of raw budget special effects.  Straight up and down Virtual Reality Electronic Cenobytes on a LawnMower Man-