Antonina Nowacka & Bogumiła Piotrowska explore the endless possibilities of video feedback and extended vocal techniques, blending both into an overwhelming synaesthetic experience that is as elegant as colorful. They released last year the highly recommended self-titled AV album (dvd + cd, Zoharum records) which proves that they are one of Poland’s vanguards of the new generation experimentalists. Jürgen De Blonde interviewed the duo about psychedelic experiences, non-conventional concert contexts and modes of perception. Artists in conversation.
09 January 2018 | AG 10.1
Jürgen De Blonde

Your work is situated somewhere between performance and instal­lation. What is the importance of performing live for you?

Antonina Nowacka

The live performance is a very special situation ruled by its own


What is the relation between the audio and the video for you?


Visuals are not there to illustrate the music nor is the music there to soundtrack the visuals.


What is sound and what is a vi


Would you see yourself taking a similar approach in making your art by means of pure digital material like computer generated visuals and hd audio and pro­ cessing? Or is the quality of the medium — the grit, the dirt, the no