75 Dollar Bill

“Tent music for tent People”, it must be the best description a band ever has written. 75 Dollar Bill wrote it on of their tapes. They are still the duo of Che Chen and Rick Brown, playing out there rhythm and blues, taking this dusted genre back to the streets, to tents, to your wedding party, to places where you can dance to it. Injecting Sun City Girls-like jams or West African based psych from the 70s, they creating an ultimate form of true American music, music in which traditions blend together in a new form of music.
01 December 2016 | AG 8

We asked Che Chen to think about the idea of absence in music, and how form and content is interrelated. I presented the guitar player the questions put forward in this issue’s edito. Intriguing questions that accidentally seems to be questions Che is

Che Chen

Niels, it’s a heavy line of questioning but I’ll try to answer. I tend to think of 75 Dollar Bill’s music as a kind of folk music or social music, rather than as rock or even experimental music. I use the term social music in the sen