75 Dollar Bill

Rick Brown and Che Chen form one of the most bizarre r'n'b duo's of the Western world. With complex guitar riffs and street musician-style percussion the inject the dead genre with Sun City Girls-like jams and polyrhythms. Wherever they play, under a bridge or on stage, brains will melt.
24 February 2016 | AG 7

Themselves they think 75 Dollar Bill is about “Tent music for tent people — for your weddings, dances, processions, funerals, protests or pleasurements”. Which we think is a great way of describing their music. 

We had a chat wi


Your last record has a description that says: “Tent Music for Tent People”. Where did that come from?


This is a bit tongue-in-cheek. It’s a riff on a phrase that appears on some of Sun Ra’s old posters and handbil


Could you unravel a little mystery for me, Che? The album “Begin and Continue!” which is a duo with you and Robbie Lee, was released recently, in 2015. although you gave me a copy of this album five years ago. What happened? (Feel