The instrumental duo of Che Chen and Rick Brown is one of the most exciting bands to come from New York in the last few years. Since its formation in 2012, the guitar & wooden box combo has released a couple of cassettes and two vinyl albums, of which Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock especially received critical acclaim for its twisting Mauritanian riffs and psychedelic percussion.
06 November 2018 | AG 13


“75 Dollar Bill is a soup”, Che starts when asked about their musical influences and blending of styles. “Rick and I are both enthusiastic listeners to sounds from all over, so that “all” makes its way into the music somehow. Personally speaking, my pa

Hybrid musics

In modern times, traveling is relatively cheap and with an internet connection a lot of music becomes instantly available. Che has no illusions when it comes to the purity of unspoiled, isolated musical cultures. “Notions of purity are really a fiction

Rock and Roll

The repetitive guitar play and rhythms of 75 Dollar Bill’s music should certainly appeal to the crowd who are looking for a trance-like state of mind. “I’m sometimes mesmerized by the music we make and I hope/assume some in the audience hear it that wa

I Was Real

75 Dollar Bill has just finished a new album called I Was Real, which will be released on Thin Wrist Records in early 2019. “It includes many tunes that date back to the origins of the band, so it’s exciting to have them documented, along with

A social thing

The new album will feature a number of guests, an important aspect as Che explains. “We like the idea that the band can change shape to fit different situations and ideas. Music is a social thing and we’re happy that we get to share it with so many gre