Bear Bones, Lay Low

Sure, Waterloo has seen some major historic figures pass through it, but when all is said and done the most important one for us is easily Ernesto Gonzales. Nearly 10 years ago this Venezuelan wünderkid showed up in Belgium and started bombarding the local underground scene with music that was drenched in mescaline and attitude. His projects involve a membership in satanic krautrock ensemble Silvester Anfang and deep listening drone duo Steenkiste / Gonzales. He also produces the dirtiest kind of underground techno in Tav Exotic and turns country clubs into moshpits with his mighty crust punk band Viper Pit. But it all started from a solo endeavor which is still firing on all cylinders; Bear Bones Lay Low. Under that moniker Gonzales mixes drunken and dubby exotica tunes with tropical psychedelia into unforgettable mindbenders. We’ll be seeing all of you on the dancefloor.
10 November 2016 | AG 8.1

The friendly Ernesto is born a collector. In his house, that is currently situated in a typical Brussels suburbia neighbourhood, are artworks on every wall, a well organised record collection and videocassette-filled shelves. There is coffee for the gu

At the age of 17 he made a couple of CDR’s he put out through his own record label, Eat The Sun, and a tape on the Canadian Knife In The Toaster. Since then his discography expanded to more than 20 releases. His latest album