Interview with A Cavaliere

Francesco Cavaliere’s recent musical works put him into a category of his own. His two most recent works, Gancio Cielo 1+2, blast out of nowhere to envelop the listener in a foreign storied world of chimera creatures, exotic percussion, and interstellar shifting keyboard melodies. He performed in September with the legendary David Behrman at BOZAR and KRAAK’s Sonic Arts Revisited. We sat down together at the Brussels premier of Cirque du Soleils’ Totem, to uncover where his music comes from and to articulate what sets it apart from modern and past experimental musics.
09 January 2018 | AG 10.1

The basis for Cavaliere’s music is derived from the prowess of his imagination, which at a young age was stimulated by a gift, given to him by his grandma. “At a very young age, my grandmother, who was a music teacher, gave to me a record player.

On Saturday, the 16th of September, Francesco will unveil his new piece entitled Il Coro delle Interperie. A small choral group comprised of elderly people (between the ages of 60-70) will be attempting to enlarge their vocal repertoire,