De Neus van God

ON THE SONCI ARTS UNION. A special highlighting the 50th anniversary of the concert by the Sonic Arts Union at BOZAR, previewing the concert by KRAAK at BEAF on 16th of September. This editions hovers in between works of the Group - David Behrman, Robert Ashley, Gordon Mumma and Alvin Lucier, added with some remarks on the importance of their works. Also tracks by Francesco Cavaliere & Widt are featured.
25 August 2017 | De Neus van God
  1. Interspecies Intertalk prt A – David Behrman
  2. shared empty space – Darksmith
  3. A Traveller's Dream Journal Setting B – David Behrman
  4. outlines of persons and things – Alvin Lucier
  5. Hornpipe – Gordon Mumma
  6. Music For Gamelan Instruments, Microphones, Amplifiers And Loudspeakers – Alvin Lucier
  7. xilo obachia que tentenna – Francesco Cavaliere
  8. Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (1968) – Robert Ashly
  9. Bharpa – WIDT
  10. string quartet describing the motions of large real bodies – Robert Ashley
  11. I am sitting in a room – Alvin Lucier
  12. irradia a: diafana, spiagge che slittano, stillano paradisea apha – Francesco Cavaliere
  13. megaton for william burroughs – Gordon Mumma
  14. on the other ocean – David Behrman