Jung an Tagen is one of the monikers of Stefan Juster. He is a Vienna-based post-millennial, hardcore arpeggiator and loose avant-gardist of all things new techno. With his latest record Das Fest der Reichen (edition Mego, 2016), the man proved that there is a direct link between hardcore gabba music and the sound experiments of the Darmstadt studios. In his universe, abstract electronic music is something you can absolutely dance to, and techno can be a banger in terms of hermetic experiment. Jürgen De Blonde, proto-millenial and endearing, Ghent-based electronic musician asked his fellow vanguard a few questions.
20 February 2018 | AG 11
Jürgen De Blonde

Your music clearly has roots in techno, but just as well in electroacoustic abstractionism. You don't shy away from melody, harmony or rhythm yet you maintain a compositional skill and sound design that transcends all that pr


Your music is psychedelic and allows for transformative experiences. Is that something you take into account when creating? Or is it just the nature of the beast?


Absolutely, that is my main intent. Transformation