The Word Radio vs. De Neus van God — compiled by Glen Steenkiste

Glen Steenkiste, a.k.a Hellvete is the brain behind Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond — a collaboration of four striving forces within the Belgian avant-garde scene. This quartet has a simple, but genuine mission: maximalism through minimalism. For the occassion of the premiere at the Eastern Daze festival, Hellvete made a mixtape for The Word Radio.
09 November 2018 | De Neus van God


  1. Dee Hicks – Lost Gander
  2. Sacred Harp Singers, Stewart's Chapel, Houston, MS – Morning Sun
  3. Pipe Major Forsyth – Mallorca
  4. Efthimios N.Kristou – Poustseno
  5. Shankarrao Gaikawad – Ugich Kan Kanta
  6. Angus MacLise – Ch