Yürgen Karle Trio: The World In A Schachtel

What is the Yürgen Karle Trio? Well, it’s not a trio (anymore) and it’s far more than a band, too. The various musicians performing (not only) under this moniker are long-time Stuttgart scenesters and, therefore, I have to go back in time and widen the context a little.
21 February 2020 |

To begin with, I first read about a band called Rocket Freudental at the end of the 1990s when they were mentioned in the German music magazine SPEX for sounding similar to the legendary American garage blues punk duo Doo Rag. Back then I was knee-deep

I say it again: Day in, day out, international artists well-known not only to the KRAAK universe play the Neue Schachtel, countless local acts cut their teeth on its stage or return for annual events (like crust punk stalwarts Cluster Bomb Unit, for ex

Yürgen Karle Trio will play somewhere inside the Beursschouwburg compound Saturday 29.02 for KRAAK Festival 2020. Buy your