Lieven Martens' COVID 5

The wayfaring collector of exotic incantations and hawaiian print shirts shares the current rotation of his musical interests and beyond during the most tropical confinement one can afford. There may be no football or island expeditions on the horizon, but one can still bear a flag and travel far far away.
02 April 2020 | Quarantined Guardian

Albert Wendt - Pouliuli book

Pouliuli tells the story of Faleasa Osovae, a high ranking elder in the small village of Malealua, Samoa. He suddenly comes to the realization that everyone around him fills him with an extreme revulsion (been there yet?) Thus he decides to feign madness...

A grotesque tale!

A great tip to re-enact during your lockdown!

Kobo Abe - The woman in the dunes book

If you think your lockdown is bad, read about these two!

Genoa Keawa “By request” LP (Genoa Keawe Records)

Turn your living room into an Oahu beachfront hotel.

Various music by Misako Oshiro

Misako performs old and new music from the Ryukyu’s, and is considered one of the biggest living Sanshin stars. She runs a bar in Naha, Okinawa called Shima Umui. When I was there a few years ago, I was surprised to see her working the bar herself. High spirited, serving the drinks. I mean, she has superstar status….

Got drunk there while just watching her (awkard?) I left with an autograph. And many giggles.

Where’s your favorite lockdown place? There’s your favorite lockdown place!

A sound map of the Danube by Annea Lockwood CD (Lovely Music)

Since we’re banned from traveling for a bit, you might want to go on this long hike together with Lockwood. Hiking along the Danube river was not particular on my bucket list. But when Lockwood is leading, I’m more than happy to follow…

A singular mix of field recordings, interviews, observations, etc…

As if you didn't know already, but go and have a swim at Ediçoes CN, LMM's far-out label full of staggeringly beautiful tunes and field recordings. His 2013 KRAAK release Music From The Guardhouse, described as an artistic rendering of solitude, is up for grabs this way, as well as On Sea-Faring Isolation out on Not Not Fun in 2009 from back when he was still a dolphin.

In his words: "When an isolated mind floats around the oceans by itself, only to be surrounded by the vast emptiness of natural elements. This mind will start to make up stories; create new myths coloured by human solitude and the nonhuman influences of the ocean, its fauna and flora. It hallucinates."